Learn to chant Pater Noster

Start with the first few lines.

Pater noster,
qui es in caelis,
sanctificetur nomen tuum.
Adveniat regnum tuum.

Pater means Father. Mater means Mother. Try using those names for your parents.

Noster means our.

Qui is latin for Who. There are lots of short Latin question words like Quid? Quo? Quem? Quibus? Quae? But for today we just learn that Qui means Who.

Es is the second person present form of the verb To Be. In English we often say this as "you are". In times gone by we used to say "thou art" for when we were talking to one person and "you are" for when we were talking to many. When we say the Our Father in English we still use "art". So, for now, learn that Es means Art - but don't confuse it with the art of drawing or painting.

In caelis means in heaven. Caelum is heaven and when we put it with an "in" we change the tail of the word. Changing the tail of a word happens a lot in Latin.

Sanctificetur comes from two words: Sanctus holy and facio make. It is in the passive voice. We usually say it in English as Hallowed be. We could say Make Holy instead, or maybe Be Made Holy, but Hallowed Be is a little simpler.

Nomen means name.

Tuum means thy. So there is a difference in word order between the Latin and English.

Adveniat means come. It is related to Advent - the season where we await the coming of Jesus.

Regnum means kingdom. Another handy word is Rex meaning King.



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