The first sorrowful mystery

The agony in the garden

Matth. 26: 42
Pater, si non potest hic calix transíre, nisi bibam illum: fiat volúntas tua.

Father, if this chalice may not pass away, but I must drink it, Thy will be done.

This antiphon is used as the Communion verse for Palm Sunday.

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The sorrowful mysteries

  1. Pater, non si potest
  2. Ego te pavi manna per desertum
  3. Ego dedi tibi sceptrum regale
  4. Adoramus te Christe
  5. Hagios o Theos

Second Sorrowful Mystery

The scourging at the pillar

Ego te pavi manna per desertum, et tu me cecidisti alapis et flagellis.

I fed thee with manna in the desert; and thou hast beaten Me with whips and scourges.

This comes from The Reproaches, from Good Friday. Below is a copy of the first two pages from a manuscript in Switzerland from about 960AD. You can see the words "Popule meus" on the left. Below are some unfamiliar capital letters for the Greek parts - we'll come back to these for the 5th sorrowful mystery.

Third Sorrowful Mystery

The crowning with thorns

Ego dedi tibi sceptrum regale, et tu dedisti capiti meo spineam coronam.

I gave thee a royal sceptre: and thou hast given to My head a crown of thorns.

Here is an English version of the chant. The verse for the 2nd mystery starts at 8:20, the 3rd mystery at 10:10.