Rome – Coriolanus, Cincinnatus and the Decemvirs

Continuing with Charlotte Yonge’s book, chapters 9 and 10 describe Coriolanus, Cincinnatus and the Decemvirs.

This continues under the Early Republic

The conflict between patricians and plebians reminded me of the parable about a kingdom divided.


Coriolanus – doesn’t like plebians and fought against Rome (exiled 491BC) – There’s a Shakespeare play about him. He’s also in Plutarch’s Lives. THis one says he’s a Martian.

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519–430 BC) – would be good to write about what makes him so great

Ten/Twelve Tables – first ten tables, then two supplementary tables were added.

Twelve tables – gives a view into life in Rome.

Decemvirs – Ten rulers, hanging onto power (very different to Cincinnatus). Appius Claudius then is very wicked. (451 BC)

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