Term 2 2016 – The Reformation

It’s a funny thing to study – so much misinformation!

We have Karl Adam’s Roots of the Reformation plus Cobbet’s book and R H Benson’s historical novels. Also a short life of St Thomas More. The Librivox recordings of Come Rack Come Rope are unfortunately difficult to understand in the car, so there goes that idea.

Fr Peter Joseph gives a great talk The Life of St Edmund Campion and also THe Martyrdom of St Edmund Campion. He recommends an account of the life of the saint by Fr Robert Persons which was published 1877 and he obtained a photocopy from Jesuits in England I think – though I can’t seem to find it online. It’s only 20 pages long and was unfinished.

The Jesui INstitute has a good page of resources, including a play.

Another good read – Why is this non-catholic scholar … an article from THe Catholic World Report.

Also, we got a copy of this 3 CD set covering Inquisition, Crusades and Reformation by Matthew Arnold.

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Veronica Brandt
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