More ideas – and a new quiz

I came across LifterLMS and it look much slicker than Namaste! though it doesn’t really do as much.

It looks like the more WatuPro quizzes I add here, the slower the website will work. I’m wondering if H5P would be less resource-hungry, but not sure how to test that out apart from manually migrating all the quizzes over like this:

LifterLMS does have its own simple quizzes, but the types of questions is very limited. H5P quizzes are much more fun, but they can’t function as gateways between lessons – yet.

I’ve installed LifterLMS on our home LAN and trying it out with bbPress and BuddyPress. I’m not sure how it would all go on this economy hosting with ventraip.

One of the most tantalising advantages of LifterLMS is how smoothly it is geared towards charging for courses. How cool would it be to get financial reward for preparing coursework!

One of my gripes with homeschooling is the lack of support – then I meet retired teachers who would sort of love to help, but can’t see how to translate their remotely located expertise into something I can use in my home. Maybe this could form a bridge and even recompense them for their work!

Veronica Brandt
Veronica Brandt
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