Grace before Meals – learning Latin worksheet

No matter how many kids you have, they always seem to manage to surprise you.

Homeschooling here has felt like a bit of a drag lately – we’re drawing to the end of Term 3 2020 – ergh 2020 – and most of my students are aiming to get away with doing as little as possible. But one has requested this worksheet and I thought I would share it with you.


You could also use this to cut up the English side to have the child arrange them next to the Latin.

You don’t need to know Latin in order to pray in Latin, but it does help. It’s part of the wonderful treasure trove of the Catholic Church’s history. Knowing Latin unlocks so much poetry and music as well as scholarly documents and history and even being able to read all the inscriptions in old churches and monuments.

(Picture: The Morning Meal, Rudolf Epp (1834 – 1910, German)

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