Server Latin

The Catholic’s Latin Instructor separates the parts of the Mass for the choir and congregation from the parts of the Mass for the altar servers.

The changes to the Mass around 1970 blurred the old layering of the Mass whereby servers and choir would focus on different prayers.

It’s still good for both groups to know both prayers, but for beginners it’s good to have a narrower focus on the vocabulary that will be most useful in each case.

Here is the full list of parts for servers to learn, according to the Instructor:

  • Judica Me
  • Confiteor
  • Versicles
  • Responses at Epistle and Gospel
  • Orate and Suscipiat
  • Commencement of Preface
  • Sed libera nos, &c.
  • Exercise 1

    Here is the list of words to learn.  This first list includes the phrases with the same word order as they appear in your missal.  Below you will find a word for word translation which rearranges the Latin word order to match the English word order.

  • Exercise 2a

    This exercise has two word lists. Here is section 1: Accusatives Juventutem meam. Causam meam. Lucem tuam. Veritatem tuam. In montem sanctum tuum. Ad vitam aeternam. Beatam Mariam. Beatum Joannem Baptistam.

  • Exercise 2b

    NOMINATIVES AND OTHER CASES. Fortitude mea. Deus meus. Adjutorium nostrum. Omnipotens Deus. Omnipotens et misericors Dominus. Tu conversus. Plebs tua. Clamor meus. Meum ac vestrum sacrificium. Sacrificium acceptabile. Dignum et justum.

  • Judica Me

    In the text book there are separate sections for the original Latin and the glossed translation. Here I’m using a fancy new gloss markup, so the first line is the original text, then after that the Latin and English lined up word for word.