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Preparing for the liturgical music for the upcoming April Camp or Homeschool Retreat 15-19 April 2024.

You can browse the recordings from previous years for an overview. Some people are keen to sing Sicut Cervus and Aichinger’s Regina Caeli this year.

Here is a list of Gregorian chant to learn, roughly in order of importance:

  1. Mass 1 / Missa Lux et Origo
  2. Extras - like Regina Caeli
  3. Compline - learning Roman Compline in Easter
  4. Votive Mass of the Holy Ghost for Monday
  5. Mass of a Virgin, not a martyr for St Bernadette for Tuesday
  6. Votive Mass of St Joseph for Wednesday
  7. Votive Mass of the Blessed Sacrament for Thursday
  8. Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart for Friday

I’ve made a little challenge minibook with an easter egg to colour in for each piece mastered. Here is a video on how to construct it.

Plans for Hymns at Mass

Votive Mass of the Holy GhostSt BernadetteVotive Mass of St JosephVotive Mass of the Blessed SacramentVotive Mass of the Sacred Heart
Anima ChristiRegina CaeliAve JosephSicut CervusAve Verum
O Filii et FiliaeAve Maris StellaSancti VeniteAdoro TeAmetur
Holy God, we Praise Thy NameO Purest of CreaturesJesus, my LordSoul of my SaviourHail Redeemer

There is also Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament each day which gives another opportunity for Eucharistic hymns such as:

  • O Bread of Heaven
  • Let all mortal flesh keep silence
  • Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord
  • O Jesus Christ remember

The music for the motets, Sicut Cervus and Ametur, can be found in the new Choir Book:

Below is a list of all the pages in this section of Kids Chant.

Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart