Online Choir

The photo is a shot of the whiteboard in the choir loft at the end of the retreat in 2019.

We’re planning for an Online Choir.

Still figuring out how to set it up.

Sketchy plans – take one bit of everyday chant plus one fun easy piece each week – I’ll add links as we go to further resources:

  • February 21: Kyrie 1 + Regina Caeli (simple chant)
  • February 28: Gloria 1 + Ave Maria (round)
  • March 6: Victimae Paschali Laudes + Jubilate Deo (round)
  • March 13: Credo 1 + Alleluia (round)
  • Here’s when lockdown started and choir and homeschool retreat plans fell by the wayside.
  • March 20: Sanctus 1 + Jesu Rex Admirabilis
  • March 27: Agnus Dei 1 + Dona nobis pacem
  • April 3: All The Little Responses (Deo gratias, et cum spiritu tuo, habemus ad Dominum)

Maybe throw in an English hymn each time too.

Also, scheduling music for Easter Tuesday – Easter Saturday for Mass, Benediction and Rosary each day.

Old choir resources page is here:

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