For the purposes of the challenge I had to pick just five top pieces of chant. Two are for Mary, one for St Joseph and two for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Mass is a good spot for Eucharistic hymns.

When assembling the little booklet I added in a special bonus section at the end for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

1. Regina Caeli

Sung morning, noon and night, this one is definitely up there in the “must learn” category.

If you want a lesson from Salford Cathedral, with modern notation:

And for extra bonus points, the Solemn Tone:

2. Ave Verum

Beautiful short hymn to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

3. Anima Christi

This is the Latin hymn which Soul of my Saviour comes from.

There are lots of different tunes for this one, but this is my favourite:

4. Ave Joseph

We have a Votive Mass of St Joseph on Wednesday. This piece looks like a copy of Ave Maria, just modified for St Joseph.

5. Ave Maria

and the recording from camp

Bonus round

There was space in the booklet for one more page, so here are two little antiphons in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Here’s a straight sing through the first one:

And here’s a beautiful combination with a simple drone by Mother Angelica’s sisters:

And here’s a straight sing through the second, with verses:

I haven’t included the verses in the mini books, but you can find them here on gregobase

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