Puer natus

Preparing for an online chant class thing for Friday 15th December 2023

Here’s the video I made earlier

And a list of better videos:

The New Book Old Hymns Puer Natus Page has some more resources. It has a longer vocab list and an enormous crossword puzzle.

It’s the end of the year, let’s go for broke and include the whole list! I think 39 was the maximum number of strokes a Jewish scourging could administer.

  • puer boy
  • natus is born
  • unde whence
  • gaudet rejoice
  • cordis of heart
  • jubilo jubilation
  • Christum Christ
  • natum newborn
  • adoremus let us adore
  • cum with
  • novo new
  • cantico song
  • assumpsit he has assumed
  • Filius the Son
  • carnem flesh
  • Dei Patris of God the Father
  • altissimus highest
  • thalamo from the bedchamber
  • praesepio manger
  • sponsus bridegroom
  • qui regnat who reigns
  • sine termino without end
  • reges kings
  • angelus angel
  • pastoribus to the shepherds
  • benedicamus let us bless
  • dicamus let us say
  • gratias thanks
  • principem prince
  • Dominus Lord
  • aurum gold
  • thus frankincense
  • myrrham myrrh
  • in hoc natali on this birthday
  • veniunt they come
  • offerunt they offer
  • domus home
  • novum new
  • laudetur let him/her/it be praised

And the Kahoot: