Retreat 2022

The April Camp tradition continued this year at the beautiful Benedict XVI Retreat Centre in Grose Vale. This time we had all Latin Masses thanks to our chaplain Fr Wallace, FSSP.

The last recordings I made are linked here - 2018 or 2019 or so.


MP3 Kyrie - Missa Lux et Origo

MP3 Gloria

MP3 Credo 1

MP3 Sanctus

MP3 Agnus Dei


We sang the full Introit and the Sequence but took shortcuts with all the other propers.

MP3 Introit for Easter Thursday

MP3 Gradual (Haec Dies) and Alleluia for Easter Thursday

MP3 Victimae Paschali Laudes

MP3 Offertory Antiphon for Easter Friday

MP3 Communion Antiphon for Easter Saturday

Extra Chant

MP3 Ave Verum - Hail True Body more info

MP3 Sub Tuum Praesidium more info

MP3 Lapis Revolutus Est


MP3 Jesu Rex Admirabilis, a hymn by St Bernard of Claivaux arranged for three voices by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.

MP3 Adoro Te - Esteban Moreno OSB more info

MP3 Adoro Te - Moreno and Chant Interleaved - edited from how we actually sang it - info on the chant hymn by St Thomas Aquinas

MP3 Panis Angelicus, Casciolini

MP3 Regina Caeli - Aichinger

MP3 Sicut Cervus - Like the deer that longs for running streams…


MP3 O Sanctissima

MP3 Now Thank We All Our God

MP3 Jesus Christ is Risen Today

MP3 Hail Redeemer