Rorate Caeli

Preparing for an online chant class thing for Friday 24th November 2023.

Here’s the video I made earlier

The New Book Old Hymns Rorate Page has some more resources. It has a longer vocab list and an enormous crossword puzzle.

Here is a shorter list and more manageable puzzle

  • rorate drip ye
  • caeli heavens
  • desuper from above
  • nubes clouds
  • pluant they rain
  • justum the just one
  • ne irascaris don’t be angry
  • Domine O Lord
  • ne memineris do not remember
  • iniquitatis iniquity/sins
  • ecce behold
  • civitas city
  • facta est is made
  • deserta desert
  • desolata est is desolate
  • domus house
  • ubi where
  • laudaverunt they have praised
  • patres nostri our fathers

Hopefully that’s heaps to get you started.