Rosary Antiphons

Sometimes things take me a while to finish a project.

But I finished this one in under a year. Just.

Cantus Selecti is a selection of chant from the monks of Solesmes. It includes a bunch of antiphons to go with each of the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary. During my #100daysofchant challenge in 2022 I started recording them. Although they are short antiphons, they take a bit of rehearsal and I don’t just sight read them out of the book.

or check out the playlist

I’ve just put together the final video and as a special bonus I even made up a booklet of all the antiphons so now you can get a copy without having to buy your own Cantus Selecti.

And for those who asked about psalm toning the Pater, Ave and Gloria to match: here is the work in progress

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Veronica Brandt
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