Basic prayers

Favourite hymns

  • Vexilla regis a hymn for Passiontide, "The Royal Banners Forward Go" or "Behold the Regal Banners Fly"
  • Regina Caeli the Marian Antiphon for Easter, also replace the Angelus for Easter.

The mysteries of the Rosary

A free course I put together on memrise to help you learn the prayer Hail Holy Queen or Salve Regina in Latin and English. The program guides you through practising your new knowledge to help it take root in your memory.

Music for fun

Heads and Shoulders

Jesu Rex Admirabilis.

Non nobis Domine.

Copy of the sheet music here.

Recent news

About Kids Chant

This page hopes to open up Gregorian Chant to youngsters.

Gregorian chant is highly renowned for bringing peace and facilitating contemplation in the context of cloistered religious.

Children can sing chant too. Their pace is faster and sprightlier, but they can enjoy the chant melodies just like their parents.

Online Course

This website was inspired by years of teaching chant to homeschoolers. It explores ways of extending limited face to face time with online resources.

For a classic book on learning the vocabulary of common Catholic prayers, see Fr Edward Caswall's book A Catholic's Latin Instructor


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