Compline – seven nights in a row!

With all the livestreaming going on for liturgical celebrations all around the world, we decided to add a Compline Podcast to the smorgasboard of options available.

Tonight, after achieving seven consecutive days of recordings, we plan to take a night off in favour of watching The Easter Vigil via Maternal Heart of Mary Church’s Facebook Livestream. Which brings up the question – which is the better part? Should we do both? But with our weak, fallible and limited family patience, we anticipate just the one.

We did cobble together an English Compline for Easter Week for the previously mentioned Homeschool Camp. Download it here:

God bless you and have a Blessed Paschaltide!

Veronica Brandt
Veronica Brandt
Main Troublemaker

My research interests include pedagogical approaches to forming choirs, knitting socks and cooking the ultimate toasted sandwich.