Page 1

The first page starts with a list of first declension nouns paired with first conjugation verbs. There are 14 nouns and 12 verbs.

FĂ­lia amatDaughter loves
ColĂșmba amatDove loves
DĂłmina vocatLady calls
RegĂ­na laudatQueen praises
Serva cantatSlave sings
Fera ĂșlulatWild beast howls
FĂ©mina monstratWoman shows
Aquila amatEagle loves
Panthéra dévoratPanther devours
Puélla cantatGirl sings
AncĂ­lla saltatMaid dances
Avia cĂĄstigatGrandmama chastises
VictĂłria regnatVictoria reigns
Aquila volatEagle flies
Capra calcatShe-goat kicks

That makes 26 terms, so this could take half a term if allocating a single word each school day.

There is a natural tendency for the student to want to add an object to the sentence, eg. the girl loves the dove (puella columbam amat) but that comes on the next page.

I’ve put in accent marks here. If there are only two syllables, then the first is accented. I haven’t accented ĂĄquila as the first letter is capitalised in the book, and accents on capital letters look odd, so if a word has more than two syllables, no accent marks, and the first letter is a capital vowel, you can assume that first letter is accented. Usquequo is a good example of that.


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Crossword Puzzle

My daughter requested a Crossword Puzzle, and here it is: