Page 2

The second page introduces the Accusative Case and a further 8 nouns and 5 verbs.

Balaéna natatWhale swims
Rana saltatFrog jumps
GallĂ­na volatHen flies
Vacca vocatCow calls
VĂ­pera necatViper kills
Nauta návigatSailor sails
AgrĂ­cola aratFarmer ploughs
Poéta clamatPoet cries out

Transitive Verbs are Verbs that do something to something, as Panther devours the she-goat, Panthera capram devorat. The thing that something is done to must be put in the Accusative Case.

LatinPart of speech
PantheraNominative Case.
capramAccusative Case.
devoratTransitive Verb.
Fera servam dévoratWild beast devours the slave
VĂ­pera nautam necatViper kills the sailor
Ancílla puéllam castígatMaid chastises the girl
DĂłmina colĂşmbam amatLady loves the dove
Aquila capram dévoratEagle devours the she-goat


I’ve just put the new vocabulary in this one.


Here are three random crossword puzzles including earlier words too: