December Camp

Plans are afoot for possible sung Masses for the week starting the 2nd Sunday of Advent.

Playlist of Videos on YouTube

2nd Sunday of AdventFeriaSt NicholasSt AmbroseImmaculate ConceptionFeria
Mass 17 + K(C)Mass 18Missa de AngelisMissa de AngelisMissa de AngelisMass 18
Credo (no Gloria)Gloria (no Credo)Gloria (no Credo)Gloria AND Credo
Populus SionPopulus SionStatuit ei DominusIn medio EcclesiaeGaudens gaudeboPopulus Sion
Chant ToolsChant ToolsChant ToolsChant ToolsChant ToolsChant Tools

The Chant Tools links go to Benjamin Bloomfield’s Propers Tool website, also available as the app “Chant Tools”. There you can get the computer to play through the chant. I’ve made a few changes, particularly with the Alleluia, setting all the Alleluias to the Immaculate Conception tune.

So, it looks like a lot, but some things repeat. The propers for Sunday can be used on Monday and Friday. St Nicholas and St Ambrose share the same Offertory and Communion antiphons. There’s a chance of a Votive Mass Monday or Friday, but I think we’ll figure that out if it happens.

The Choir Mass Booklets:

The congregation Mass booklets

Work in progress

Also, got to think all the favourite hymns we want to sing.

  • Hail Redeemer
  • O Jesus Christ Remember
  • Hail Queen of Heaven


From Maternal Heart of Mary come little leaflets with the readings in Latin and English:

Monastic Compline

We’re planning to pray Compline according to the Benedictine Monastic way.

Here’s the Booklet