Gospel Readings in Latin

A thumbnail for one of the videos

Back in mid 2020, a friend asked for recommendations for learning Latin. I suggested a few things, then thought about just reading through the upcoming Sunday Gospel in Latin and English in your Missal.

I thought about how daunting that could be and also how easy it would be for someone who has got the hang of pronouncing Latin following the accepted Ecclesiastical style. So, I started making a video, a livestream every Tuesday morning. Which continued until Easter 2021, when I took a holiday and never came back to it.

Weekly livestreams were sort of fun, and did produce videos with minimal time spent in post-production. It took some time to prepare though and I often came up against the hurdle of my own ignorance of the Latin language. I can generally pick up which word corresponds to what in the translation, but explaining the function of each word and ending gets me out of my depth, though I do find it interesting.

So, I take stock here and think about how these resources could better help people learning Latin and preparing for Sunday Mass.

And here is the article I wrote for CCWatershed about the illustrations.