Exercise 1

Here is the list of words to learn.  This first list includes the phrases with the same word order as they appear in your missal.  Below you will find a word for word translation which rearranges the Latin word order to match the English word order.  

After that comes a Quizlet widget.  This is a really handy tool for learning the vocbulary.  After you have read through the words and their meanings, you can select another "Study Mode".  Try Scatter.

  1. Ad altare.
  2. Ad Deum.
  3. In montem tuum. 
  4. In tabernacula tua.
  5. In saecula.
  6. Ad vitam.
  7. Ad Dominum.
  8. Ad te.
  9. Apud Deum.
  10. Ad laudem et gloriam.
  11. Ad utilitatem nostram.
  12. Per saecula.
  13. In tentationem.
  14. In nomine.
  15. De gente.
  16. Ab homine.
  17. In cithara. 
  18. In Deo.
  19. In principio.
  20. Pro me.
  21. In te.
  22. Vobiscum.
  23. Cum spiritu tuo.
  24. De manibus tuis.
  25. In excelsis.
  26. A malo.
  27. In pace. 


Preposition and Noun.


1. Ad altare to the altar. 2. Ad Deum to God. 3. In tuum montem to thy hill. 4. In tua tabernacula to thy tabernacles. 5. In saecula unto ages. 6. Ad vitam to life. 7. Ad Dominum to the Lord. 8. Ad te unto thee. 9. Apud Deum with God. 10. Ad laudem to the praise et gloriam and glory. 11. Ad nostram utilitatem to our benefit. 12. Per saecula through ages. 13. In tentationem into temptation.


14. In nomine in the name. 15. De gente from a nation. 16. Ab homine from the man. 17. In cithara on the harp. 18. In Deo in God. 19. In principio in the beginning. 20. Pro me for me. 21. In te in thee. 22. Cum vobis with you. 23. Cum tuo spiritu with thy spirit. 24. De tuis manibus from thy hands. 25. In excelsis in the highest. 26. A malo from evil. 27. In pace in peace