Exercise 1

vocab for choir and congregation

  1. Propter gloriam tuam.
  2. Ad dexteram.
  3. In Deum.
  4. Ante saecula.
  5. Per quem.
  6. Propter nos homines.
  7. Propter nostram salutem.
  8. Secundum scripturas.
  9. In coelum.
  10. Per prophetas.
  11. In remissionem.
  12. Per saecula.
  13. Ad Dominum.
  14. In excelsis.
  15. In terra.
  16. In gloria.
  17. Vobiscum.
  18. Ex Patre.
  19. De Deo.
  20. De lumine.
  21. De coelis.
  22. Ex Maria Virgine.
  23. Pro vobis.
  24. Sub Pontio Pilato.
  25. Cum gloria.
  26. Ex Patre Filioque.
  27. Cum Patre et Filio.
  28. In pace.
  29. In nomine. 

So that's 29 phrases to learn.  Some words are very close to the English already, like "gloria" and "Maria".  Others are repeated, so once you get the hang of "Propter", "Patre", "Ad", "In", "Per", "Ex" and "De" then you have learnt almost half the list!

If you are singing the Mass already, see if you can call to mind these meanings as you sing these phrases.

Preposition and Noun.


1. Propter tuam gloriam for thy glory. 2. Ad dexteram at the right hand. 3. In Deum In God. 4. Ante saecula before ages. 5. Per quem by whom. 6. Propter nos homines for us men. 1. Propter nostram salutem for our salvation. 8 Secundum Scripturas according to the Scriptures. 9. In coelum into heaven. 10. Per prophetas by the prophets. 11. In remissionem for the remission. 12. Per saecula through ages. 13. Ad Dominum to the Lord.


14. In excelsis on high. 15. In terra on earth. 16. In gloria in the glory. 17. Cum vobis with you. 18. Ex Patre from the Father, 19. De Deo of God. 20. De lumine of light. 21. De coelis from heaven. 22. Ex Virgine Maria of the Virgin Mary. 23. Pro nobis for us. 24. Sub Pontio Pilato under Pontius Pilate. 25. Cum gloria with glory. 26. Ex Patre from the Father Filioque and the Son. 27. Cum Patre with the Father et Filio and the Son. 28. In pace in peace. 29. In nomine in the name.



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