Latin by the Natural Method

Aiming for a page of supplementary material for each Lectio – there are 80 in Book 1, so it may take me Some Time! (Link to the OCR text for book 1)

Cercle Latin de la Nouvelle-France sadly seems to be no more, but we are grateful for their scans.

Internet Archive scans of the Textbooks:

The reprints by Mediatrix Press are nice, but lack the accent marks. I really like having the accent marks in there, like in Latin Missals.

Vocabulary Pages for Latin by the Natural Method

Learn Church Latin has more resources on this series, in particular Tape Script Recordings!!!

Other Latin Stuff

Latin Posts Here At Kids Chant – things I’ve posted about in the past about learning Roman History and using Fr Caswall’s Catholic’s Latin Instructor.

Benjamin D’Ooge’s book Elements of Latin is a great text book with an Answer Key. Lulu has printers around the world, so chances are good that buying through them will be reasonable.

The Latin Vulgate Course - a book from 1874 that I have been formatting and indexing with LaTeX.

Ora et Labora - the home of Latina Rosarii, a Latin course for the reluctant. Aimed at homeschool students learning the Latin in the Rosary.

Simplicissimus - a course aimed at adults looking to understand the Latin in the Mass.

Classical Liberal Arts Academy - Their Latin Reading course is a good place to start. They have a charity free enrolment option.

Latinitium is the work of a Swedish couple with an emphasis on using Latin. They have great stuff.

Latinum is the work of Evan der Millner who has an English / South African accent and goes in for Adler’s immersive learning stuff. He loves digging up gems from the Internet Archive.

Decoding Latin – Australian Latin Teacher emphasising immersing yourself in Latin by reading decoded texts – having the original on one side and a sort of glossed version on the other side of the page so you can refer between the two and aim to read the original Latin with understanding.

Legonium is Latin via Lego. A bit silly, but it’s there.

Laura Gibbs Best Latin is the tip of an iceberg of online resources for learning Latin – she’s got a Vulgate Bible page, Aesop’s Fables, Christmas Carols, Myths and Legends, Proverbs and Latin LOLcats.

Little Latin Readers – I have heard these are good and they look good and they just seem a tad expensive for us right now.

Visual Latin at Compass Classroom a course by Dwane Thomas which attempts to go by Ecclesiastical pronunciation with a Bible based course. We bought this and got half way through it. I should probably get back into it.

Romans Go Home have many apps for learning Latin – some even work on first generation iPads! has a dramatized (and non-dramatized) version of the Neo-Vulgata in Latin. The voices are fantastic – a few sound American, but some must be Italians.

And there are so many other great resources and I’ll try to put them all here.